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Giving Mother Nature's work a setting in which to be seen and appreciated is the goal of wire-wrapping.  Have a stone or other item you keep around but have never known what to do with?  Allow me to make it wearable for you!  Please contact me to discuss options on making a peice to suit your taste and style.
The seed head of the poppy flower is so dynamic in it's uses! Check back to keep tabs on my ongoing explorations into what can be made from them, and other things too!  Possibilities are limitless, from Christmas ornamentation to home decoration.  Have an idea for something specific?  Contact me to discuss possibilities.  A wire wrapped stone can also make a lovely decoration.
Earrings made from poppy seed heads are the inspiration for Heroinemade.  They are lightweight and delicate but strong, and come in a wide variety of shapes/sizes.  Feel free to peruse my earrings collections to view some of earrings that I have made. The purpose of this website is to give you an idea of the possibilities so that we can get started making just the right pair for you.  Ideas welcome!

Accentuating what Mother Nature created

​Choosing a peice from Heroinemade is choosing to slow down, to look at things more carefully, to appreciate the complex within the seemingly simple and mundane.  People might ask with confusion "What are those earrings made of?!"  To which you can proudly respond that you are wearing the incredibly light and strong seed heads of the poppy flower... And let them draw their own conclusions from there. 

Some of my favorite necklaces are made from stones that I picked up from the trail while out hiking the mountains around Missoula, MT. It has given me great joy to create from a place of seeing anew what I had overlooked before.  My hope is that the things I create here will inspire others to do the same.

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